Well hi there!

Ok, it’s reeeeally been a while. What have you all been up to? Any news? Owt been happening?

So, we have lots of news. The Restitute Live/Through That Sound tour is FINALLY CONFIRMED for September! We are also sporting two festival shows in the form of Wickham and Snape Maltings. I will be posting the dates very soon…once i remember how this website works!!

Also finally rescheduled enough for anyone’s mustard is the EC/David Delarre/Saul Rose “Conversations we’ve had Before” tour, now set for April 2022. We are working on the material just now, premiered a good number of new things at Blaxhall village hall for the beauteous Folk East crew and it was…terrifying! Look out for us at the Celebration of Sidmouth Festival in August. You heard it there…or here…first, or something. IT’S REALLY GOOD.

The Daddy turned 80!!! DrMCMBE made it, and we made Limited Edition GOLD MUGS to celebrate (he calls them his Cheltenham Cups), and all sorts of other goodies. Have a look at www.scarletmedia.co.uk/martin-carthy-merch …we have coasters and bags from the hilarious Folk Musician Memes too…

EAST at Brighton Festival at the end of May was triumphant and emotional. The band of Sheema Mukherjee, Barney Morse-Brown, Ewan Wardrop, me and Dad were beside ourselves, elevated by Marry Waterson’s glorious visuals and the stellar turns-Wilko Johnson duckwalking across the Dome stage, Kenneth Cranham channeling Kipling in universal human pathos, and the radiant Miranda Richardson being an icy wolf-witch stalking the Yorkshire moors.

Our two distanced audiences, sold out and glowing with love, supported us in the most lovely ways by filling the historic venue as if a thousand people had been cheering their faces off. Thankyou. And thankyou if you watched the livestream, or the archived stream afterwards too. Every tiny little morsel of support helps live music from the bookers to the crew, to continue to reach out to you in this collective hardship.

Ok! Not quite all caught up but pretty much all there. If you have love to spare you can still browse the wares…



If you got through all that, please join me in FALALALALAAAAAAAAAS to celebrate this beauty here:


I am beyond delighted to say that Jon Boden of the Ratcatchers, Spiers and Boden and Bellowhead and I are making a CHRISTMAS SHOW!

Our first, at Union Chapel, is bound to be a party. 21st December, Union Chapel, London Islington. HOHOHO <3