Eliza Carthy Restitute Cover


Restitute – Verb: to restore to a former state or position; give back, refund

Limited edition – Double CD with EXCLUSIVE art cards – signed and numbered

Disc One – 10 exclusive tracks / Disc two – The Announcer’s Daughter-audio book with original music written and read by Eliza Carthy, played by Eliza Carthy and Ben Seal.

Produced by Eliza Carthy and Ben Seal (Urban Farm Hand) (Except Down and Out, produced by Ben Seal (Urban Farm Hand)), recorded by Ben Seal in Eliza Carthy’s Bedroom, Robin Hood’s Bay; and except The Slave’s Lament/Farewell to a Dark-Haired Friend and The Announcer’s Daughter, Recorded and mixed at The Piggery, Fife.

Featuring special guests: Martin Carthy, Jon Boden, Dave DeLarre, Ben Somers & Ben Seal

Every loving note played on this album, and every penny raised from this Limited Edition, is dedicated to paying the members of the (UK) Wayward Band in restitution for the monumental con they suffered in 2016.

 It cannot be stated strongly enough what an honourable and hardworking bunch they are, and how much they and we did not deserve what happened.

I very much hope that this album, my first traditional ‘solo’ album in fourteen years, will help us all heal.