Restitute Album Takeover!

Well it has been an absolutely crazy week for us at Eliza Carthy HQ!

Valentine’s evening saw an absolutely incredible album launch at Chapel House in London that we’ve barely had time to think about due to us being totally overwhelmed, but also thrilled, by the sheer number of you that pre-ordered your copy of the limited edition, deluxe version of Restitute (and the orders just keep on coming).

Every single copy has been signed, numbered, packed into the cd box, packed into envelopes, addressed, franked and posted all by hand (and of course, with love) by our small but very lovely and VERY efficient team.

We have been absolutely loving seeing your posts when your copy has arrived (and LOVE seeing those of you who are particularly happy with the number of your copy) so please keep posting, keep them coming and keep enjoying your very own deluxe, limited edition Restitute album.

Thank you so much for all of your support, you guys truly do make it all worthwhile <3

But don’t forget: When they’re gone, they’re gone so make sure that if you haven’t already then you get your order in quickly, before it’s too late!