DOWN & OUT – Eliza Carthy and the Restitute Band


MP3 Single
Length: 4:08


I’ve been very lucky the last few years to be asked to do fun things by Lush/ECC100 Records, either for having your back massaged by sailors (ok nice ladies to the theme of sailors) or simply for the joy of a cheesy cover of a great piece of music. I love Lush for their sense of adventure, nice smells and good souls, so when they asked me to do this during the Restitute sessions me, the peerless Urban Farm Hand (Ben Seal) and the band jumped at the chance.

Cue David Delarre dancing on the coffee table and me watching the sexiest sax solo ever to hit the East Coast whilst lounging in my very own bed.

Also some very manly grunting, which it turns out I’m quite good at!

Thanks and respect to ECC100 and Lush for letting us release this our very selves. Fill your ears, and tell me where it comes from!