Gosh…here we all are. For some people lockdown will finally be easing and you’ll be getting out and about to see much-missed friends and family. It’s not quite like that for the WCs as we’re still high risk…one of the features of our lockdown was Norma getting at last the long-awaited heart operation so she’s still tucked up while me and Dad and the kids just orbit around her, like the sun. A sleepy, sometimes grumpy sun but a sun nonetheless!

  Eliza has been adjusting to her new life as a stay-at-home mum, living room musician and occasional broadcaster! There have been some very fun videos, made with the help of the Restitute Live/Through That Sound band who were due to tour in April-


The Robin Hood’s Bay Coronasaurus Rex (C-Rex) first seen in the Friendship video did some musing on life and the passage of time:

Dino Hunting

Then things got a bit more serious, with the release of the first single from the new album Through That Sound (My Secret Was Made Known) Ships Passing, and the huge success of the second Folk on Foot Front Room Festival raising thousands of pounds for Help Musicians UK and the unemployed, shiftless (ahem!) musicians that took part:

Ships Passing

Worcester City

Eliza Carthy—Worcester City (Live at the Folk On Foot Front Room Festival 2) Watch Eliza’s full set at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9WJhWoB1s4&t=25099s Buy her CDs at https://www.eliza-carthy.com/ youtu.be

The Black Queen

Then we got all arty:


Expect more from us, including an exclusive lockdown performance from the East Band featuring Dad, Barney Morse-Brown (Duotone) and Sheema Mukherjee (IV massive!), with vocals and nifty feet from Ewan Wardrop.

  The album has been very well received, with four and five star reviews from RnR magazine, Songlines, and Folking.com. It’s not a standard release schedule so there’s more coming in all the time. Look out, London friends, for a Stewart Lee review in The Idler in September.

  Eliza has been pretty active on the radio. She’s chatted to Max Reinhardt, Mark Radcliffe, In Tune and Verity Sharp, and has also been seen about the virtual pub sessions of Drogheda and Dublin on various late-night Zoom calls!

Then this happened, with our hilarious mate Scott from the Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican:

Prince Ali

Scott Doonican & Eliza Carthy – Prince Ali Filmed for Scott Doonican’s BIG NEET IN #16, Scott and Eliza perform ‘Prince Ali’ from the Disney Classic, ‘Aladdin’. youtu.be

  And so we are mostly caught up. The launch of the Musicglue site as the commercial arm of the Waterson Family Archive has been a huge and welcome success selling rarities, demos and wonders we found under the bed. There is MUCH more to come so please keep your eyes peeled.

  So we’ve been trying to keep you and ourselves entertained! The loss of all our work this year did necessitate the starting of a fund to pay the band bits and bobs where we can; if you feel you can help the good guys that they are you can donate at:


  Almost all of our live shows have been rescheduled for next year. We were very sad to hear of the demise of Halifax Square Chapel, one of our favourite places-but most venues are holding on and really can’t wait to see you all again, same as us. It’s been heartening to see the whole live music community-crew, agents, promoters, technicians and musicians-really championing each other during this crisis. While we don’t know what life is going to look like it’s a comfort to feel that we may come out of this somewhat empowered and standing together as independents. I hope so.

So, love and solidarity and hope that you and your families are safe and happy!